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Da Di (Hong Kong) is a wholly owned subsidary of Dadi Futures Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Orient Holdings Co., Ltd (SHA: 600120).

1.Esunny Polestar


As an all-in-one front-end system, Esunny PoleStar Intelligent Platform was officially launched in June 2014, with the ultimate aim to provide a brand-new service experience of speediness, accuracy and comprehensiveness to market participants. It integrates market data, order trades and algorithm trading into a single whole and epitomizes Esunny Trading Management System for Domestic Futures V8.0, Esunny Trader V2.0 and Esunny International Financial Derivatives Trading Analysis System V3.0, covering global futures trading, data analysis and algorithm trading.  It can concurrently link with different back office systems, providing facilities for arbitrage warehouse split, capital management for investors. It is characterized by flexible interface layout, powerful functionality of technical analysis and diversified order types, which is convenient for end-users to tailor a customized trading platform of their own.

2.Functions & Features
Market Data

Futures&optioins; domestic&overseas futures market; real-time& historical data; level2; graphs&ampindicators

Order Trades

Multiple order types like quick order, card order; real-time transcation records

Algorithm Trading

Strategy editor; strategy testing,execution and monitoring; results analysis

1. High-quality data that are officially-licensed by domestic and overseas exchanges, including the four futures exchanges (ZCE, DCE, SHFE and CFFEX) and the two stock exchanges (SSE and SZSE) in China Mainland, as well as many major international exchanges like CME, ICE, LME, HKEX, EUREX, LIFFE, TOCOM, SGX etc.

2. Diversified ways of order entry: one clicks to place an order, card ordering, double click of the quote to place an order

3. Algorithm trading: adopting the same programming language ETL as Esunny Trader V2.0 with varieties of encapsulated trading functions and instructions.

4. Arbitrage across global futures markets:  simultaneous login on different systems (FEMAS, V8.0, V3.0, Morningstar) to do inter-commodity spread or inter-exchange spread trading.

5. Concurrent login of more than one trading accounts on multi back offices.

6. Multi-assets data, including futures, options, securities and spreads.

7. Data analysis: offering historical candlestick, indicator formula, technical analysis, T-type options quotes, P&L analysis and options calculator.

8. Various patterns of viewing data: real-time data, transaction details, time-trend chart, candlestick. Streaming real-time and accurate data can meet various needs of investors.

3.Interface Presentation
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Data Analysis
Order Trades
Algorithm Trading